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Land management consultant and Wushu Culture edutainment products
Tiglion Consultancy Company Limited has been in operation for almost 30 years since 1988. We obtained CEPA Hong Kong Service Supplier Certificate and develop Wushu Culture edutainment products (Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage). We provide land management consultant service with our hands-on knowledge of land policies and law practised by Hong Kong government since the 20th century, helping land owners make the optimum decision for effective gain and use of their land.

Mr Hung Yun Yuen, the founder of the company, is a diploma holder from Beijing University and a China Coin collector. Hung is experienced in the business environment in Hong Kong and China, also in the public sector since his tenture was in connection with land management of the Hong Kong Government before starting the company.
Information Technology Services Department and Hong Kong Productivity Council 2001 seminar speaker Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce 2003 seminar speaker ComNet Shanghai 1997 speaker The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce seminar speaker

Award-winning enabler
Our company is one of those Internet Service Provider pioneers in Hong Kong with knowledgeable e-commerce experience. We enabled our associate company, Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited, to serve the global market with our "One-Stop-Shop for Travellers" e-commerce platform (travel.com.hk). Tiglion Travel won Hong Kong Trade Development Council Services Award in Export Marketing and Sales Strategies Award in Beijing, China having this platform.

Wushu Culture Resource
Wushu Culture Resource (intellects.org) is a cultural and creative project set up by our company in 2009. Wushu refers to traditional Chinese martial arts. This project creates economic and social value with Wushu Culture edutainment products, including stage performance, distance learning and practical certificate courses, wushu cultural exchange workshops and exhibitions of China artefacts and historic coin collection. It is supported by an alliance of professionals from the field of Chinese martial arts, show business, scholars and various business disciplines.
Wushu Culture Stage Performance Wushu cultural exchange workshops Hong Kong Polytechnic University Feast of Chinese Culture 2016 Co-organizer China Coin Club exhibition

Wushu Culture Travel
Hung Yun Yuen has been practising wushu since teenage and specializes in Mizong Quan (punch), which was passed down by his coach Master Ye Yuting who came from Cangzhou China to Hong Kong. Driven by the mission to safeguard the culture and practical essence of Chinese wushu, Hung made Mizong Quan (punch) and Tipao Jian (fencing), wushu with the same provenance, list on the First Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong. His continuous effort to promote Wushu Culture is recognized by the Government of Hong Kong SAR and covered in the media.
Submission of Mizong wushu as Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Mizong Quan, Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Tipao Fencing, Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage
Riding on China's “Belt and Road” initiative and synergising the competitive advantages of Tiglion Travel with our own capabilities, we aim to export our Wushu Culture edutainment products as cultural travel services that allow global travellers to experience authentic Wushu Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong Tourism Commission and Hong Kong Tourism Board acknowledged that wushu cultural travel is the original idea of Wushu Culture Resource.

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