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1990's Entry to E-commerce
Tiglion Consultancy Company Limited (TCCL) started an 'Internet Service Provider' business as early as 1995. Since June 2010, we are a holder of Services-Based Operator (SBO) Class III License, as renamed by OFTA from what was previously known as PNETS. After 1998, TCCL emerged as an enabler for business-to-consumer (B2C) online sales transaction business engaging internet facilities and interconnecting capabilities. With installations of highly sophisticated infrastructures built and grown up since the mid-1990's, TCCL set up a series of professional e-commerce platforms for the travel trade and general insurance business branded under trade-specific domain names, all being in popular use by traveler customers as well as general insurance clients over the years.

Award Winner's
TCCL developed successfully run front-end internet enabled, marketing and sales applications integrating back-end product databases which in turn interface accounting and financial management systems. In no time a travel agent company, Tiglion Travel Services Company Limited (Tiglion Travel) took over the complete hardware and software deployments which virtually turned around a traditional, labour-intensive travel agency firm into a highly efficient and effective model in the global market in the form of a 'One-Stop-Shop for Travelers' - www.travel.com.hk. Alongside with constant growth in the turnovers of Tiglion Travel in consecutive years, the travel company earned two significant awards on the premises of the E.R.P. (Enterprise Resources Planning) systems delivered by TCCL:
1999 in Hong Kong Trade Development Council - Services Award in Export Marketing;
2004 in Beijing, China - Sales Strategies Award

Online Sales Transaction Platforms for General Insurance Business
In 1999 and later in 2003, TCCL introduced one after another online sales transaction platforms together with real-time delivery applications in the area of general insurance products in both English and Chinese versions. Such general insurance online transaction platforms embrace e-shopfront, cataloging, premium quotation, payment gateway in conjunction with self-generating insurance policy certificates. In essence, fully automated sales processes and workflows are the answers to reduction of operating expenses with steady business growth on the other hand. E-insurance applications from TCCL distinguished our clients from other insurance agency companies with household insurance and domestic helper insurance under the category of general insurance products being made available online at www.insurance.net.hk. Alternatively the product of travel insurance is available online at www.insurance.com.hk.

Innovation and Creative E-business (www.intellects.org)
In 2008, TCCL was in full gear at development of another innovative and creative e-business platform for promotion of 'Intellects Culture of Hong Kong, China'. The theme of the day is to make available a digital publicity and advertising media to bring out the positive, noble characteristics and effects of traditional Chinese martial arts. Audio and video capabilities not only convey knowledge skill and entertainment, but also culminate interest in all who seek for good health and strong physique. The concerted efforts of those notable participating martial art schools and sects well-illustrated the revival of a once forgotten "Intangible Cultural Heritage". Modern trends steer the wushu practitioners to the career path of entertainment and performing art. We greet and welcome all wushu lovers to join the creative work going on at www.intellects.org - a trinity encompassing culture, arts and sports. The traditional art, i.e. martial arts, are traceable many a time in the long history of China throughout the past thousand years, and certainly in many years to come. In the name of Wushu Culture Resource, TCCL is committed to play parts in enhancement of people's quality of life with emphasis on good health, strong physique coupled with new opportunities resulting from its establishment of a "eLearning Management System" for wushu lovers.

TCCL Projects in development
TCCL worked together with Tiglion Travel in an effort to publish a new edition of "Professional Travel Manual - Visa Requirements". Similar to the 1996 Edition, a new book will be published in English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. Leveraging TCCL e-business platforms, visa requirements information for outbound travelers of Hong Kong to countries worldwide are made available online for users anywhere. On the other hand, inbound travelers from other parts of the world can conveniently search visa information online on entry requirements to Hong Kong; thus facilitating tourists from and to Hong Kong. By 2012, TCCL successfully included visa requirements information relating to Chinese passport holders into the "Culture" databases. Information about entry to China on tourism purposes is also collected in respect of different nationals coming from the world and ready for preliminary quick reference. The ultimate aim is to make a little contribution to enable "culture in action" in or going abroad from China.

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